[scribus] scribus speaks your language

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sat Oct 31 00:52:09 CET 2009

hi victor,

you have been told by christoph that all the scribus channels are
multilingual. it's like this and unlikely to be changed (it has been
discussed several time in the past and there is a vast majority
agreeing on it).

> 2. I can agree that freedom means that everybody has right to speak
> on any language , and I support this 100%. My point here is that: “I
> will be happy if I can understand that knowing people say about
> Scribus”. Thats all.

we can't make everybody all the time happy.

now you will be introduced to the second linguistic rule of scribus: one
should write in english if he or she feels comfortable with it.

this rule will make sure that most of the time you will be happy while
staying on this list.

> Please don't understand me incorrectly:
> Learning languages is good, but I am here, as well as some other
> guys, to know more about Scribus.
> Thus, I just asked “MAY you write on understandable for most of us” 
> language.

scribus is a bit different than most free programs. it targets graphic
designers (and not IT people) and wants to involve  them as much as
possible into the project.

the problem is, that most graphic designers can only express themselves
in a precise way in their mother language. that's one of the main
reasons why we welcome their questions and suggestions in any language
which is understood on this list and -- most of all -- in every language
understood by the team (the team is proficient in the following
languages: english, german, french, dutch, czech, russian and finnish;
on top of it, italian, spanish, portoguese and hindi are spoken by
reugular contributors; i have no idea of the number of other languages
you could get an answer...).

i think that you should start to understand now, why it's unlikely that
this policy will change:

we don't want to exclude anybody from this list, and -- most of all
--  we don't want to exclude them just because they unable to write
in english while -- at the same time -- we would have been able
to handle their request and comments!

finally, i'd like to point you to the fact that most potential posters
to this list are shy and don't dare to post their questions to a
broader public.
it's probably not your goal, but your request, repeated now several
times, is scaring them away.

so, may i ask you to accept the situation as it is and -- if any mails
in hungarian show up -- to answer them? :-)

have a night full of wonderful dreams!

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