[scribus] Scribus 1.3.5 (Christoph Schäfer )

Victor Papp victor at vpapp.com
Fri Oct 30 21:53:34 CET 2009

Hi again.

1. No AFAIK, the most difficult are Chinese, Japanese and Hungarian. 
English is from the simplest ones. Russian is also ok for me, NP, 
however is difficult enough.

2. I can agree that freedom means that everybody has right to speak on 
any language , and I support this 100%. My point here is that: “I will 
be happy if I can understand that knowing people say about Scribus”. 
Thats all.

Please don't understand me incorrectly:
Learning languages is good, but I am here, as well as some other guys, 
to know more about Scribus.

Thus, I just asked “MAY you write on understandable for most of us” 

Till then, going to take some lessons on German.



> English is perhaps the most difficult and irregular  language in the 
> industrialized world but it is the Lingua Franca for the internet, like 
> it or not. And it is one of the two languages I am reasonably 
> proficient in, the other being Profane :<) If you write in the first I 
> won't be tempted to use the other.
> When you come across a person who struggles with English then 
> it is sensible to answer them in another language common to both 
> of you, but a short spiel in English indicating the subject of the 
> colloquy would assure the rest of us that we aren't missing 
> something vital to our own interests. (Or not.)

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