[scribus] how much black is black?

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Fri Oct 30 14:17:25 CET 2009

On Thursday 29 October 2009 18:14:52 Ciro wrote:
> Is there any way to know how much black (CYMK numbers) are 
these three
> colors in Scribus 3.5?
> - black
> - registration black
> - cool black
> - rich black
> By the way...   previous versions of scribus used to have lots of 
> choices... now I have just a handful.
> thank you
> Ciro
With no document open go to menu item Edit->Colors. A window 
pops up. Then select a particular palette. I like the CMYK palette 
"Scribus Open Office" but your taste may differ.  You can also 
create your own version of rich black, such as is required by 
printer LSI. On the same popup window select New.

BTW I am now using bleeding edge version1.5.0 but see no 
problems with it, only omissions among the output choices, such 
as PDF X/A and PDF X/1-a:2001. They will come in time I expect.
John Culleton
"Create Book Covers with Scribus"

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