[scribus] clarification on precise adjustment of frame in

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 28 15:50:41 CET 2009

On 10/28/2009 10:39 AM, K.King wrote:
> clarification on precise adjustment of frame in
> from the wiki
> <<
> With the Properties window:
>   There are three ways to change the individual settings --
>   1. editing with the keyboard
>   2. clicking on the up or down arrows to the right of each value. The 
> keyboard up and down arrows will accomplish the same thing.
>   3. using the mousewheel on each setting -- usually hovering the 
> cursor will be enough, if not, click on the value first
> Also note that for 2 and 3, holding down Ctrl, Shift, or Ctrl+Shift 
> (works with up and down arrow keys also) will alter which decimal 
> place is affected. In addition, when using the Properties window width 
> and height are by default linked, but you need only click the chain 
> icon to the right to unlink them.
> >>
> Not a big problem at all as you can type an exact measure if want
> But I have not been able to get the above to quite work as I read it.
> Most of the time if I cursor up or down on keyboard or scroll the 
> mouse wheel the dimension value adjusts by 1 pt.
> I have tried pressing individually or together the the Ctrl and Shift 
> Keys or press and holding them while cursor up or down or scroll the 
> mouse wheel and it still adjusts by one.
> Except once (and I don't know why) it started being 0.1 of pt for a 
> while and then it seem to revert to 1pt adjustment.
I just tried this and it works as advertised in 1.3.5 -

hold Ctrl down for tens of units
hold Shift for tenths of units
Ctrl + Shift same as baseline - units
Shift + Alt for hundredths of units


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