[scribus] Inline editing character controls in your face

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Tue Oct 27 13:44:32 CET 2009

Hi "a.l.e."

Would it be possible to have a dockable toolbar type sort of thing
>  which appears when you are doing inline text editing. This toolbar
>  should/could have all the sort of controls that appear in the story
>  editor toolbar.
>  e.g. font picker, alignment controls, underline.

windows > properties
I apologise I obviously did not make myself very clear or I am still 
misunderstanding something.
I've become familiar with that via F2 or right mouse click but the size 
of that dialog takes quite a bit of screen real estate.
If it were possible to have a dockable type toolbar that only had the 
controls I mentioned could maybe be more useful for some poor souls.

no, scribus offers only access to real bold and italic.

it's all about reliability. you'll be grateful, when you see that the
work you get back from the printshop looks like what you have thought it
should have been!

it's ok to do so. but:
- you're ideas will be taken more seriously if you refrain from 
comparing scribus with publisher
seriously? that comes across as a little childish.
I was just trying to suggest a feature that I know many of my clients 
use in that application we must not mention.
If something similar is not available or as easy to achieve then it will 
make asking them to consider using Scribus more difficult.
Does Scribus not want more users, or only if they are worthy and have 
not used that that should not be mentioned?

- one the idea has been discussed here -- and if you have not changed
your mind -- you should put your suggestions and bug reports into

have fun
I do still think a smaller or customisable toolbar with just a few 
font/character controls would be useful under certain conditions (i.e. 
only when in-line editing text frames?).
I still have a large amount of learning and reading and experimentation 
to do so I will hold of the suggestion for now.


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