[scribus] the Ubuntu conundrum

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Oct 22 11:26:06 CEST 2009

hi patrick,

just for your information...

> It claimed that when entering numbers into real number fields, the
> number was always reset to 0 with both scribus dfsg-1ubuntu4 
> package from ubuntu main and a self-built scribus 1.3.3 from the 
> scribus development branch. It says, "Possibly a problem with qt."
> Now, note that the claim was "possibly" a problem with QT...except 
> that Scribus 1.3.5 -- using the
> exact same QT package -- doesn't have the bug. and 1.3.3 use the same QT
1.3.5 (and 1.4 + 1.5) does not (the main task of the 1.3.5 develepment 
was porting scribus from qt3 to qt4).

> So, the bug, if it ever existed (I'm pretty sure I had
> 1.3.3 on my box at some point as I update automatically and I don't 
> recall seeing it), seems to have flown off
> into the night with a revision to Scribus, not QT.

see above.

> Looking through all other bugs for Scribus on Ubuntu, no others 
> mention QT.  There are a few of
> those lovely crashes we used to enjoy, even one filed this week 
> (although that user upgraded to
> 9.10 and clearly had something go wrong in the process. Now, he's 
> blaming Scribus.
not all the bugs which happens with scribus on ubuntu are caused by 
tweaks to the qt library by the ubuntu-kde team.
most are probably due to real bugs in scribus, some to misconfiguration 
from the user side (like the report which started this whole thread: the 
user had a fontmatrix version which was way too old).

the problem is:
- when scribus has a bug, the ubuntu folks should forward the bug report 
to the scribus team (and we all know how responsive normally the scribus 
devs are!)
- when ubunu has a bug, the scribus team should be able to have a fast 
track channel to report them and get them sorted out.

this is not what is happening today and this is a bigger problem we 
should try to solve.

> Anyway, Craig, it might be time to revisit your fixed conviction that 
> there is a so-called "QT problem" on Ubuntu.
> It doesn't seem to be well supported by facts.

it is supported by facts, don't worry.
even if i never had any of such bug personally, i've done enough scribus 
support to know that those bugs were real!

but (imho) the biggest question is: do we want to fight each other or 
find together a solution?

have a nice day

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