[scribus] Additional colour palettes

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Thu Oct 22 04:51:35 CEST 2009


the Scribus Team has been working hard (and continues to work hard) to license 
commercial colour palettes for distribution with Scribus, if possible under a 
Free license. These palettes will be added to 1.3.6svn and 1.5svn one by one.

However, not all vendors agreed to permit shipment of their colours with 
Scribus or bothered to reply at all. Hence, I started adding links to 
externally available palettes here: 

Thanks to the wonderful (and powerful) Swatchbooker program 
(https://gna.org/projects/swatchbooker/), you can easily convert these 
palettes to Scribus XML colour palettes for use in Scribus 1.3.5+.

If you know other sources for commercial colour palettes that can be 
downloaded legally, feel free to add them.

I also uploaded a small set of additional Open Source colour palettes in 
Scribus's XML format (e.g. OpenSUSE, Ubuntu and LaTeX Beamer colours). These 
palettes will probably not be shipped with Scribus.

For those who need palettes from a certain vendor, DTP-Studio Oldenburg 
(http://www.palettes.de/english/index.htm) offers palettes as EPS files at a 
reasonable price. Note that DTP-Studio donated some of these palettes for 
distribution with Scribus, and they will appear in svn soon. The EPS palettes 
have been tested with Scribus and just work (TM).

Have fun!


P.S.: And before you even think of asking: No, we have no license for Pantone 
colours, but we keep on trying ;)

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