[scribus] Font substitution not permanent

Steven Dayton daytonmeister at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 06:08:05 CEST 2009

When I open a document I get a warning saying that Arial is missing and
gives a substitution choice. There is a check box at the bottom of the
dialog that I can check to make the substitutions permanent. I have done
this quite a few times on the same document. I thought when I checked the
box that the font I want in place of Arial would stick and I wouldn't the
warning again. I have tried to save the file immediately after the document
opens and while I am working on the document.

Is this a bug in this version or am I not doing something or understanding
this the right way.

I'm working with Scribus version (11 August 2009, Build ID:
C-C-T-F-C1.8.6) on an Ubuntu 9.04. It is still a bit of a hassle to get the
latest builds installed on this machine and I am wondering if anyone in the
mean time can tell me if this works more recent builds. Or has anyone else
experienced this?

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