[scribus] Okay - back to the cookbook - talk to me about paper sizes and formatting

Bruce Griffis bruce.griffis at gmail.com
Sat Oct 17 17:29:17 CEST 2009

I messed around a little more with Scribus, and I downloaded the help
file (what a huge difference that makes! Can't believe I tried messing
around without a help file!). Also downloaded a couple templates and
tried fiddling with them. I think I understand the part about writing
the book in chapters, and using a different file for each chapter. And
that sounds like a good way to go if I self-publish and want to
signature bind! (but that might be too advanced for me).

So - right now I used 8.5x11 in portrait mode. I used pstops and other
utils to shrink it 70%, and go two pages per side or sheet, four pages
per physical sheet. It works okay, and my table-of-contents and index
came out fine.

But - now I want to move it to Scribus. I want to include pictures. I
want to make a print-ready PDF. If I want to print 5.5x8.5, is that
the paper-size I would select in Scribus? Or would I stick to 8.5x11
and use pstops and other utils to shrink and paginate? Maybe I'm just
confusing myself. Anyway - any pointers towards self-publishing a book
using 8.5x11, a good quality laser printer and a bone for folding and
a press for glueing and attaching the cover?

I checked out  "No Media Kings", and am thinking of going that route.
Also, is there a book-store book I can get on Scribus? Or has delivery
on the current book been fixed?

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