[scribus] Doing a cookbook - how to treat each recipe

Richard eyelagui at adinet.com.uy
Sun Oct 11 04:44:08 CEST 2009


I have to say English is not my native language, so, i will try to 
explain my best, but be advised that you may not understand a lot.

You can put 1 huge text and images over it (one at a time), then, mark 
on image properties (F2) under section Shape? ("Forma" for Spanish) and 
there you select "Text flows around border" "Texto fluye alrededor del 
marco" After this, text will "avoid" the image frame automatically (flow 
around). You move the image, and text changes position accordingly. I 
think it is a requisite that image be over the text and not text over image.

To make this easier, you can insert the first image box,select the image 
and then change parameters or properties, then copy/paste that image box 
and change the image on the dupplicate, this way you will maintain the 
same properties (also size if wanted) while avoiding the "make one by one".

About "put this together" I usually make "a chapter" - "a file", the 
main reason is about loading time, i don't have a NASA computer, and for 
things i've done loading time was very annoying, specially when using 
color profiles enabled because page movements became too laggy, like 
slow motion.

Best regards.

Bruce Griffis escribió:
> I put together a list of recipes in OOo writer. I've exported to PDF
> and used psnup, pstops and ps2pdf to print it out in shrink the text
> 70%, flip it from portrait to landscape and do 2 pages per side, 4
> pages per sheet. The numbering for the Table of Contents and Index
> comes out okay - and it works okay as a basic fold-in-half booklet.
> However! I would like to do something a little better. I'd like to
> incorporate images. I'd like to generate an e-book, or possibly a good
> print-quality book.
> When putting this together, wuld I treat each chapter as a separate
> file, then merge them? Would I do it as one file and just deal with
> the length of time it takes to load (right now I'm at 124 pages).
> Would I create a new text box for each recipe, to make it easier to
> put images where I want them? I simply opened Scribus an d imported
> text from my OOo Writer file, but that makes it hard to put images
> where I want them - as I did all 124 pages as one huge text box.
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