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Wed Oct 7 04:22:49 CEST 2009

Thomas wrote:
> somebody whom I sent a pdf generated with scribus told me that she
> got a
> virus message, telling that the attachment would contain
> Exploit.PDF.b.gen
> I already scanned my computer with 2 different Virus Programms and
> with
> McAfee in the quick modus, which I just installed. Nothing was
> found. In
> the moment McAfee is running with the long modus, but this seems to
> take
> ages.
> But: whenever I export a pdf with scribus, an alert from McAfee pops
> up
> that he found this virus in the file I just created and deletes this
> file.

I suggest going to these free online scanners to check your computer:

Turn off McAfee or any other antimalware programs you have running
on your computer once you get to the Web sites and about to run the
scan. If Kaspersky and TrendMicro don't detect a virus, suspect a
false positive from McAfee. Turn your resident malware protection
back on when the free scans are done.

If McAfee has a user forum, see if there are any reports of a false
positive for Exploit.PDF.b.gen. Also check your McAfee settings.
Most AV programs give you a choice of what to do if a suspected
virus is found. I don't know where McAfee might have such a setting,
but the choices are usually to remove the infected files or
quarantine the infected files or take no action other than notifying
the user. You can also tell the AV program to ignore certain folders
and files. These will prevent the AV program from deleting your
files without asking. However, it's important that you find out
whether you are infected.

There are four well-known free antivirus programs for Windows:
* Avira Antivir
* Avast
* AVG free version
* Microsoft Security Essentials

You can download these and there is no charge ever, though you will
get nag screens from all but Microsoft SE inviting you to upgrade to
their paid versions. Do not have two antivirus programs active at
the same time.
--Judy M.

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