[scribus] linespacing

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Oct 5 08:18:39 CEST 2009

hi mike,

> Also, I have several comments regarding the linespacing feature:
> If I enter a text frame into a document, and apply a font style and
> automatic linespacing before I enter any text into the frame, when I
> import text into the frame, everything looks OK.
> However, if I click anywhere in the imported text in that text frame,
> automatic linespacing reverts to fixed linespacing and I cannot
> change it back (selecting automatic linespacing from the
> Properties/Text window does not work).  Based on testing with a few
> fonts, this is not a font style related issue.
> If I create a text frame, select automatic linespacing before I enter
> text, and type in text (using the Edit Contents of Frame tool), I
> cannot change it (selecting fixed linespacing does not work).
> If I create a text frame and accept all default values, and then type
> in text, I cannot change the linespacing of selected text (selecting
> automatic linespacing does not work).

i've tried those use cases and they work correctly with 1.5svn. (i
don't have installed here, sorry).

you now know that the team does care and has at least fixed those issues
in later versions (they may be solved for the 1.3.3.x branch but i
can't test it)

again, let's hope that 1.4 is not too far away

> In the bug tracker, I found 48 issue reports with a search criteria of
> "linespacing", including 0004852, with those issues that appear to be
> relevant to my observations all closed.

scribus is a young app... but it has not seen its light the day before
yesterday. so there may be bugs that have come up at one time, have
been fixed but some changes introduced again issues that affect a
specific behavior (like line spacing).

or has those bugs been reported for later versions and fixed there?

again, the future looks bright, even if for now you may have to find a
workflow which does work with scribus instead of seeing scribus just
support the way you would have done it!


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