[scribus] Best Linux distro for Scribus

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Nov 30 16:38:46 CET 2009

hi richard,
> I think you're messing around on software sources, and maybe making 
> things conflict. I DID A LOT OF TIMES!!!!.
> I used debian"ish" most of the time, and the repository system made me 
> (let me) make a lot of mistakes, one should'nt put any source anytime, 
> you have to study what you use as a source, since a new package could 
> have a new library(BETA), wich may interfere with another installed 
> program/library and even make the package manager to uninstall an old 
> version (WORKING) to everything go wrong.
> So if you're using mixed betas and stables from different sources, 
> you'll surely end on a headache. I repeat, I DID A LOT OF TIMES

on the one side, in my experience only gentoo suceeded to manage a mixed 
system with stable and unstable packages. i gave up on it.

on the other side, it's easy to keep a clean system, and compile 
yourself the packages you want to add on top of your distribution, each 
one in its own directory (always set a PREFIX specific to the app: 
/opt/scribus15 or /usr/local/scribus15).

and on the last side, i wonder again in what extent this discussion
a/ answers the original question,
b/ has anything to do with scribus.

i naivly thought, that asking for the best linux for scribus would 
produce and interesting discussion on how good are scribus packages in 
the different distributions? how easy is it to manage fonts? color 
profiling of your devices? are there neutral skins? has features which 
enhance a graphic designer's workflow?

one thing i can share from my experience:

if you're using old pcs to teach scribus, debian testing (without gnome 
or kde) + slim + lxde + scribus repositories are a good way to go!

you can easily setup a minimal system and you get up to date packages.
the desktop environment is easy enough to use and uses few resources.

what i haven't solved yet, is a way to automatically reinstall the 
computer to a known clean state.

have fun

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