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jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer at accessvt.com
Mon Nov 30 05:41:07 CET 2009

Those who are unhappy with KDE 4 may be interested in the recently
released VectorLinux 6 "KDE Classic." The distribution announcement
explains the rationale this way:
"This release is not about bleeding-edge technology. On the other
hand, it is not about nostalgia either. KDE 3.5.10 gets the job
done. It is a mature and solid product with a large user base. Many
of us are comfortable with it, and are not yet ready to leave it
behind. We thought it only right to make a robust system with KDE
3.5.10 at the helm." You can read the rest of the announcement along
with download information at

The KDE Classic version is built on VectorLinux 6 Light, which works
well on less powerful hardware but supports newer hardware, too. KDE
3.5.10 is the desktop environment and the necessary KDE libraries
are installed. The complete KDE kitchen sink is not included, though
the KDE basics are and the rest can be downloaded. I've never seen
VL6 KDE Classic but have read favorable comments in the user support
forum. Scribus, Gimp, and Inkscape have worked flawlessly under
VectorLinux 6 Light and VL 6 Standard, which I use daily.

Take a look if you're a KDE fan who doesn't want to be pushed to KDE 4.
--Judy M.

Registered Linux User #397786
Being productive with VectorLinux 6.0 Standard, Deluxe Edition

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