[scribus] Best Linux distro for Scribus

Figaro marquiseduchatelet at charter.net
Sun Nov 29 23:20:30 CET 2009

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> Already been there. Spent a couple days trying out Sidux. Xfce is
> tolerable, but I just can't love KDE. It's a matter of personal taste,
> so there's no point in arguing with me. :)
Mr. Jordan,
I was not trying to argue.... in fact I also intensely dislike KDE. The 
older 3.6 stuff finally worked... then the "kiddies" insisted on 
bringing us the new eye-candy flotsam.
Now we'll spend a year or so to get the functions back just in time for 
some other foolishness!!!!
Sorry, I just had to vent!

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