[scribus] Trilingual template - design ideas

Gerard Cunningham gerard at faduda.net
Sat Nov 28 19:28:53 CET 2009

On Sat, 2009-11-28 at 12:19 -0500, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> On 11/28/2009 09:29 AM, Gerard Cunningham wrote:
> > At the moment the type is 12pt Arial, since I got usability complaints
> > whenever I went smaller. (I'm not wedded to Arial, but I am limited for
> > now to freely licensed fonts)
> >    
> It sounds like about all you can do is to stick by your guns and argue 
> as strenuously as you can for different documents for different 
> languages. A product may have a multilingual audience, but that doesn't 
> mean each person wants multiple translations or will use more than one.

This is a community/cultural project, and can qualify for a particular
govt funding package if it gets the other languages in. Hence the need
for a single book, not several editions in different languages.

Of course, the trouble with that kind of funding model is you end up
designing to the specs of the grant-aiding authority, rather than
producing something useful. Still, it's not my call. I just build the

Anyway, in case my description of my current idea wasn't clear, you can
see a sample of what I have in mind at
[Warning if you're not in broadbalnd land, file is about 2.3Mb]

Suggestions, improvements and tips welcome.
[and in case it matters, Ubuntu 9.10 with latest stable Scribus]

Gerard Cunningham
Kildare town, Co Kildare

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