[scribus] File containing styles?

Craig cbradney at zip.com.au
Sat Nov 28 15:10:21 CET 2009

>> But is there a possibility to delete them in once?
>> Pier Luigi
> I think the best way (safest) is to manually do this with a plain text
> editor, editing the .sla file. You should find these as you scan down
> the file, then delete the blocks of text having the styles. Make a
> backup of your file first.
> Go down looking for blocks that begin with <STYLE... or <CHARSTYLE...
> and the NAME should be the first parameter in the block.
> This is to be sure some work, but if you don't do it right you may break
> the file. Make sure that you haven't used any of the styles you're
> deleting.

This is the key.. you need to check which ones have been used or not,
then the others can be deleted.


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