[scribus] Gregorian scores in Scribus

Pierre Couderc pierre at couderc.eu
Thu Nov 19 15:40:44 CET 2009

Gregorio, is a free software  used to design Gregorian scores.
It is structured like LaTeX or Lylipond, with a source which is compiled
to produce .pdf files.
See more details on http://home.gna.org/gregorio/
Gregorio is some kind of cousin of LilyPond but is specialized for
gregorian scores.

A plug-in has been written to allow to use Gregorio under Scribus
similar to the LilyPond one.
The combination of Gregorio and Scribus gives a fine flexibility for
people wanting to include Gregorian scores in Scribus documents.

See more details in http://home.gna.org/gregorio/scribus

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