[scribus] Problem with pdf-online formular

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Sun Nov 15 11:32:38 CET 2009

hallo anke,

> I made a littel test-form in scribus to find out, how to use this
> tool. Usually it should work the way, that the e-mail-program opens
> up and sends a mail to the owner of the form with a copy of the
> filled in form attached.
> Well, I don't know what I've done wrong, but it doesn't work with my 
> form. The information of the e-mail is this:
> The attached file contains data that was entered into a form. It is
> not the form itself.The recipient of this data file should save it
> locally with a unique name. Adobe Acrobat Professional 7 or later can
> process this data by importing it back into the blank form or
> creating a spreadsheet from several data files. See Help in Adobe
> Acrobat Professional 7 or later for more details.
> There is no attachment of the form with the e-mail.
> If it is any help, here's the link to the little form: 
> http://www.gimp-werkstatt.de/sonstige/kontakt.pdf

and where is the problem. i tried your pdf and it seems to do exactly what it should: send the information you entered to your address using the proper email client.

(it didn't work on my system because adobe acrobat has not (an easy) way to talk to a random email client when you don't have a "normal" desktop environment... but this is another problem which we should discuss deeper in a generic windows 7 thread).

the warning you see, comes from adobe reader and tells you that only the content of the form will be sent and not the whole pdf. no idea if this is of any use for any user, but it's there.

have you tried to send the form and experienced any problem?


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