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John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Sat Nov 14 00:46:38 CET 2009

Richard wrote:

> OK, here we go again.
>> I'll be using it on an Dell Vostro 1700 2.4GHz twin core with 4 gig of 
>> RAM.
> More than enough....

:)  You haven't seen my desktop !

And when the machines been up for a while you loose some to resource leaks.

>> And just to be completely clear, the main computers are the ones 
>> running 64bit windows 7 ?
> Yes, both of them, the "bigger" desktop, and the laptop.

> Every 32 bits program has worked as always on both 32bits and 64bits 
> Seven. I use most of the software on every computer.

Thanks for confirming.

> Well... this was the first beta Windows i ever had (using stable now) 
> and it worked better and more stable (on drivers and hanging 
> aplications) than Kubuntu 8.1 and 9.04. +Fedora 11 (Went back to Kubuntu 
> 8.04)


>> The Dell salesman told me that 64 bit iExplore wouldn't download 32 
>> bit apps which I struggle to believe, but I mostly use Firefox anyway.
> ........... ¿?......... hm....
> You can download anything you want, using any browser you want. I'm 
> using 32bits Firefox, and i have downloaded every 64bits program using it.
> 64iExplore would not interact with 32bits Activex, Flash or Java,

That may be what he meant, but it wasn't what he said.

> but 
> Seven comes with both IE versions, 64bits and 32bits.... Both usable, 
> and preinstalled.


>> I suppose the next question will be 'can I get 8 gig of RAM in a 
>> Vostro 1700 ?'.
> If you can get 2x4GB modules or if your vostro has 4 memory banks i 
> think it should be possible.

Two banks only.

> The only limitation you may find is the chipset, you should visit 
> Intel's website, and search for the exact chipset you're using.
> .... I'm assuming that a Vostro 1700 has intel chipset.... don't know 
> why. If that's not the case, you can go to chipset maker's website.

Described on the net as

     built on the Intel “Santa Rosa” platform and features the
     Core 2 Duo processor, and a choice of GM965 chipset with
     integrated GMA X3100 graphics or PM965 paired with dedicated
     NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS 128MB video card

and this ones got an nVidia card, but according to device manager it's a 
8600M GT, so I'm confused.

Device manager also mentions a

     Mobile Intel(R) PM965/GM965/GL960
     Express Processor to DRAM Controller - 2A00

so I guess that's all fairly ambiguous unless all or none of them can 
access more than 4 gig ?

> The best of luck...

Many thanks !

> P.S. You can get "any" hard drive for your laptop, you dont "need" to 
> keep on Dell's hard drives.

Indeed, but I don't want to muddy the warranty situation by using non 
Dell stuff at this stage.

> The laptop market is now almost as standarized as desktop. You can get 
> at least RAM and Hard drives, but also replaceable PCI-E graphic cards 
> and cpus(this at least on AMD processors)

Yes -  I'm a lot less familiar with laptop stuff though.

Cheers, J/.
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