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John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Thu Nov 12 10:49:04 CET 2009

Richard wrote:

Steven and Richard, huge thanks for the very valuable feedback.  Looks 
as if I should go for 7 then !

> Hello John.
> I´m using Seven on "all" my computers, from a 3000+ Athlon(1 core)/1GB, 
> passing thru my laptop Athlon TK57(2 cores)/4GB up to the Phenom 8650(3 
> cores)/4GB desktop.
> Even an old 1300MHz Tualatin Celeron with 512MB.

I'll be using it on an Dell Vostro 1700 2.4GHz twin core with 4 gig of RAM.

Not least because I'd like to be able to access all the RAM, 64 bit is 
the way I'd rather go.

> ¿fine, good, bad?.... it works, flawlessly.
> 2 computers with 64bits version and 2 with 32 bits version.

High praise indeed !  Maybe MS have got it right for once !

> The Celeron goes fine, not too fast, but enough for an office usage and 
> internet.
> I`m using on my both main computers the following software:
> /Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, Trillian 3, Skype, WinSCP, Putty, 
> WinMTR
> OpenOffice 3.1
> Scribus (, Inkscape, Gimp, Blender, Google Sketchup
> Aimp, Media Player Classic, VirtualDub (and Mod), ffdshow(k-lite+etc), 
> Avisynth, Jahshaka
> 7zip, Infrarecorder/
> VirtualBox
> qemu (emulating OLPC -XO-)

And just to be completely clear, the main computers are the ones running 
64bit windows 7 ?

> On my laptop is also installed: xHarbour, Harbour, Borland C++ 5.5, 
> OpenWatcom, PellesC, Firebird 2.1 and FlameRobin, plus some special text 
> editors.
> And the Athlon 3000 also has: Audition and Audacity.
> Again: Flawlessly
> Everytime i find a 64bits version of any program, i give it a try, 
> usually they work fine, unless on beta or alike.
> Every 32bits program has worked as always did.

On 64 or 32 bit ?

> Dont fall into scare, if you seek for issues, surely you`ll find some, 
> i'm always trying to find solutions, and i had never found any issue.

I wouldn't want to be scared off either win 7 or 64 bit if they work,
but I've been around long enough to remember early releases of MS 
software that did little more than install.  These memories make me 
cynical enough to check with people who've tried it.

Dell seem really keen to push ppl down the 32 bit route, but as they 
can't even tell me what size replacement drives they can give me for my 
laptop, I don't plan to be put off by that.

The Dell salesman told me that 64 bit iExplore wouldn't download 32 bit 
apps which I struggle to believe, but I mostly use Firefox anyway.

I suppose the next question will be 'can I get 8 gig of RAM in a Vostro 
1700 ?'.

> Anyway, there has been nothing that didn't work, except for some very 
> very old programs, mostly DOS, but they work on virtalbox+freedos, 
> bochs, qemu or any other emulator/VM.

Yes -  we occasionally use FreeDos for running DMX controlled lights, 
but that's on standalone kit anyway.

> There is also some really old hardware that does not work, but even an 
> old SoundBlaster live! value is working (kxdriver).
> Have a nice time reinstalling.

I'll try !

> PS: BTW, almost everything is also working fine on Linux (x64).....

Yes -  we use 64 bit Linux on our bigger servers. 4 cores, 8 gig of RAM, 
  terabytes of disk.

Cheers, J/.
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