[scribus] Windows 7

Richard eyelagui at adinet.com.uy
Thu Nov 12 02:56:03 CET 2009

Hello John.

I´m using Seven on "all" my computers, from a 3000+ Athlon(1 core)/1GB, 
passing thru my laptop Athlon TK57(2 cores)/4GB up to the Phenom 8650(3 
cores)/4GB desktop.
Even an old 1300MHz Tualatin Celeron with 512MB.

¿fine, good, bad?.... it works, flawlessly.

2 computers with 64bits version and 2 with 32 bits version.
The Celeron goes fine, not too fast, but enough for an office usage and 

I`m using on my both main computers the following software:

/Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox, Trillian 3, Skype, WinSCP, Putty, 
OpenOffice 3.1
Scribus (, Inkscape, Gimp, Blender, Google Sketchup
Aimp, Media Player Classic, VirtualDub (and Mod), ffdshow(k-lite+etc), 
Avisynth, Jahshaka
7zip, Infrarecorder/
qemu (emulating OLPC -XO-)

On my laptop is also installed: xHarbour, Harbour, Borland C++ 5.5, 
OpenWatcom, PellesC, Firebird 2.1 and FlameRobin, plus some special text 

And the Athlon 3000 also has: Audition and Audacity.

Again: Flawlessly
Everytime i find a 64bits version of any program, i give it a try, 
usually they work fine, unless on beta or alike.
Every 32bits program has worked as always did.

Dont fall into scare, if you seek for issues, surely you`ll find some, 
i'm always trying to find solutions, and i had never found any issue.
Anyway, there has been nothing that didn't work, except for some very 
very old programs, mostly DOS, but they work on virtalbox+freedos, 
bochs, qemu or any other emulator/VM.
There is also some really old hardware that does not work, but even an 
old SoundBlaster live! value is working (kxdriver).

Have a nice time reinstalling.

PS: BTW, almost everything is also working fine on Linux (x64).....

John Beardmore escribió:
> My laptop has trashed its XP boot disk.
> As I'm rebuilding from scratch, I though I might as well put a more up 
> to date OS on it.
> This machine has to be an MS OS, but as the reviews of windows 7 
> suggest that they haven't made a complete vista of it, I thought I 
> might give that a go. So...
> Has anybody used Scribus 1.3.6 under windows 7 ?  (And for that matter 
> Gimp and possibly Inkscape ?)
> Further, is it worth considering the 64 bit version of windows 7 ?  
> Does that run the 32 bit scribus builds OK ?
> And in the long run, is it expected that there will be 64 bit compiles 
> of Scribus for windows 7 ?
> Cheers, J/.

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