[scribus] Rasterized vector drawings inserted svg and "Mangage images / Links"

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Nov 9 07:26:58 CET 2009


> But as far as I understand, either Scribus place the diagrams
> directly into the working file as SVG, or it rasterized my diagrams
> from example pdf--> 300dpi.
> In the "manage images" dialog only pictures are linked to the working
> file.
> Is there a way to link vectorbased drawings like svg, pdf, eps to the 
> working file? My documents become extremely slow when either they are 
> inserted (and editable) or rasterized, and therefore I am not able to 
> convinze my colleques that they should switch to Scribus...

in 1.3.5+ (and if your copy of scribus has been compiled against
libpodofo; afaik this is true for os x, windows and our own debian
packages) you can link the pdfs to an image frame and tell scribus to
embed them when exporting to pdf.

this is an experimental feature but, afaik, recently there was some work
on some color management related issues to make it less experimental.
(basically the status is: the embedding normally works but scribus
won't check the color profiles and other important details yet).

hope that helps

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