[scribus] PDF creation in karmic

Thomas Zastrow listen at thomas-zastrow.de
Wed Nov 4 20:12:34 CET 2009

D. R. Evans schrieb:
> Has anyone here who runs karmic been able to create a PDF?
> The karmic version of Scribus gives a build date that matches the date for
> jaunty, but I get a Scribus crash every time I try to generate a PDF even
> though it worked fine in jaunty. (This is the scribus-ng package, which has
> always worked fine for me in the past, through the last several Kubuntu
> releases.)
>   Doc

Some days ago, I already tried out Scribus with the last release 
candidate of Ubuntu 9.10.
Because there are now again problems with the final version, I 
downloaded Ubuntu 9.10 *final* and installed again.
 From Ubuntus repositories, I installed Scribus NG which is a 1.3.5 
version from 26. January.
I created several documents, with and without images, and exported them 
to PDF.

I had absolute no problems.

So, perhaps it is a problem with your file / image(s) / fonts? If you 
can send your Scribus product via email to me, I will try it out here again.



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