[scribus] PDF creation in karmic

John Beardmore John at T4sLtd.co.uk
Wed Nov 4 19:34:33 CET 2009

a.l.e wrote:
> hi all
>> Has anyone here who runs karmic been able to create a PDF?
>> The karmic version of Scribus gives a build date that matches the
>> date for jaunty, but I get a Scribus crash every time I try to
>> generate a PDF even though it worked fine in jaunty. (This is the
>> scribus-ng package, which has always worked fine for me in the past,
>> through the last several Kubuntu releases.)
> last friday i introduced scribus to a new user.
> on windows vista and scribus
> we have been welcomed by a crash on the file open dialog! (it was open
> for a "longer" time and i was showing the different option).
> scribus kept crashing about every 20 minutes.
> at the end we produced a pdf of the document: the picture on the cover
> was missing in the pdf file (we were following the "official" magazine
> tutorial).
> we cleared the picture and produced a pdf again.
> acrobat could not read the pdf.
> when producing the pdf again, scribus crashed.
> restart scribus and produce the pdf.
> acrobat can't read it.
> producing it again crashed scribus.
> and so on.
> i could open the file in 1.5svn and produce a pdf (without the picture)
> and i could also open the file with a on linux (always without
> a picture).
> the user told me that scribus is crashing a bit less than it did on
> that evening.
> now: is there anything the user can do to get a better scribus
> experience (i guess that moving to linux is not an option for now)?
> is there anything i can do to find out where the problem is?
> the thing i find most disturbing is the corrupted pdf...

Does the machine pass hardware diagnostics ?

Cheers, J/.
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