[scribus] PDF creation in karmic

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Nov 4 08:00:48 CET 2009

hi all

> Has anyone here who runs karmic been able to create a PDF?
> The karmic version of Scribus gives a build date that matches the
> date for jaunty, but I get a Scribus crash every time I try to
> generate a PDF even though it worked fine in jaunty. (This is the
> scribus-ng package, which has always worked fine for me in the past,
> through the last several Kubuntu releases.)

last friday i introduced scribus to a new user.

on windows vista and scribus

we have been welcomed by a crash on the file open dialog! (it was open
for a "longer" time and i was showing the different option).

scribus kept crashing about every 20 minutes.

at the end we produced a pdf of the document: the picture on the cover
was missing in the pdf file (we were following the "official" magazine

we cleared the picture and produced a pdf again.
acrobat could not read the pdf.
when producing the pdf again, scribus crashed.

restart scribus and produce the pdf.
acrobat can't read it.
producing it again crashed scribus.

and so on.

i could open the file in 1.5svn and produce a pdf (without the picture)
and i could also open the file with a on linux (always without
a picture).

the user told me that scribus is crashing a bit less than it did on
that evening.

now: is there anything the user can do to get a better scribus
experience (i guess that moving to linux is not an option for now)?

is there anything i can do to find out where the problem is?

the thing i find most disturbing is the corrupted pdf...


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