[scribus] Setting up color management

Alan Tutt alan at powerkeyspub.com
Wed Nov 4 17:50:43 CET 2009

Greetings everyone.  This is my first post to the list, and I hope I have 
included all the necessary information to describe my problem.

Here's my system:
Kubuntu Linux 9.04
Scribus with lcms support
LG Flatron L222WT LCD monitor
Okidata C6100 color laser printer (for proofs)

I've used the FProf tool to profile my monitor and create an ICC/ICM file.  
I've also tested using the ICM file provided by LG on their driver CD.  

I'm also using the ICC profile provided by Okidata on that CD.  
I'm not sure how to produce a custom profile for the printer.

Theoretically, I should be able to see on my monitor what will come out of 
the printer (at least a close approximation), but I can't get the two to 
match up at all.

For reference, this is the first stage in preparing a children's picture 
book for a commercial printer.

When I open the images directly in GIMP and look at the ICC profile being 
used, it says sRGB, so I use this setting in Scribus for images.  Here are 
the other settings I'm using:

Images:  sRGB (others have been tried as well)
Solid Colors:  C6100 (from printer ICC)  (not really sure what this is for)
Monitor:  ICC/ICM profile from LProf
Printer:  C6100 ICC
Rendering Intents:
     Monitor:  Saturation (all have been tried)
     Printer: Saturation (all have been tried)
Simulate Printer on Screen (checked)
Use BlackPoint Compensation (checked)

I've tried all variations of rendering intents, and using Saturation in 
this case seems to work best.

There are a variety of settings in the print driver itself, and I've tried 
a variety of those as well, with very little effect on the resulting 

The biggest difference comes when I select "Apply ICC Profiles" in the 
print dialog.  With it selected, I get better saturation, but some colors 
are incorrect (not matching the screen), and when it's not selected, the 
previously incorrect colors are now correct, but I lose saturation on other 

The monitor screen shows both correct colors AND saturation, even when 
"Simulate Printer on Screen" is checked.

Can anyone offer any suggestion on how to get the monitor and printer to 
show the same colors?

- Alan

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