[scribus] Difficulty with Lines

Jessica Evans jessica at lunula.com
Fri May 29 06:01:04 CEST 2009


alessandro rimoldi wrote:
>> So, one thing I need to do a lot (really really a lot)  is generate 
>> simple vertical and horizontal lines to demarcate columns.  I have
>> found this to be weirdly difficult with Scribus.  With other graphics
>> and D.P. applications I've been able to press the Shift key while
>> drawing a line to constrain the line to be either horizontal or
>> vertical.
> the modifier for scribus (tested in 1.3.5, but it should work also in 1.3.3.x) is ctrl instead of shift...
Thanks Alessandro; this works perfectly and solves my problem.

>> I don't know why the guide doesn't fully constrain the points at the 
>> ends of the line...I seem to need to pull the line past the guide in
>> one direction, at both ends, several times, to really get the line
>> totally vertical or horizontal.
> i can confirm: even in 1.3.5 (or 1.5... i have to get used to the new name :-) line handles don't snap to guides
> can you post a bug to bugs.scribus.net
I'm not familiar with the bug posting process. At some point I'll suck it up and 
learn how, but right now deadline + Unknown Fault Exception Error = my life 
sucks and no time to learn to report bugs.  Ironic!
>> Second Issue: Can't Lengthen Lines
>> I simply cannot lengthen/shorten a line without changing the angle or 
>> changing the location of the line.
> you can use the width in the X,Y,Z tab of the properties palette. i wonder if there should be a key to constraint the current angle...
> it may also be worth a bug report...

The Ctrl key is equally effective for me here, but would not be if I weren't 
always creating either dead horizontal or dead vertical lines.  What's needed is 
that 2-way arrow to function properly, as in signifying the line will only/ /be 
changeable in length, rather than either:
 * 4-way arrow (line can be moved)
 * angled arrow (line is changeable in both length and angle.)

If the 2-way-arrow has disappeared from 1.3.5, I wonder what is supposed to be 
replacing it. I believe this is a pretty standard UI element.

I do appreciate that the properties box can be used to change line length. Maybe 
the developers are simply assuming everyone will use the properties box, for 
increased precision.

Best wishes, Jessica

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