[scribus] Possible to install after installing 1.3.5svn?

Craig Bradney cbradney at zip.com.au
Tue May 26 07:03:47 CEST 2009

>> You are supposed to depend on stable releases... ie
>> is the current release and will still be
>> the version to use for normal work even after 1.3.5
>> is released. Use it, test it.. and if all goes well,
>>  feel free to use it instead of
>> Craig
> I've been using 1.3.3.x all along until I upgraded to Mandriva 2009
> spring recently. Mandriva 2009 only offers 1.3.5svn so I thought I'd try
> it out. However, I then decided to play it safe and uninstall 1.3.5svn
> and install
> I can't install without first removing libpython 2.6 and half
> of the KDE4 programs that I use now. I'm not going to do that. If I
> remove 1.3.5svn, keep libpython2.6 and then install libpython2.5,
> scribus will install without icons in all of the menu bars
> along with this error message at the beginning: "Setting up the python
> plugin failed. Error details were printed to stderr." It will also
> generate a signal 11 crash when I want to close a file.
> My guess is that libpython 2.6 is somehow screwing around with something
> that needs to install properly.
> I'm stuck with using 1.3.5svn and libpython 2.6. That is why I asked
> about the reliability of 1.3.5.

You should submit a bug to Mandriva requesting them to include 1.3.3.x
as that is our current stable version. In all of our version releases we
include a note saying which version we recommend distros package as the
primary stable version. 1.3.3.x does not depend on python 2.5 AFAIK.

Still, if they are using 1.3.5, they should be tracking our changes, and
should now be allowing auto upgrades to our rc1, and eventually our rc2
and release.

You might want to adventure into compiling your own version.
docs.scribus.net has pretty good instructions (follow the cmake option
for 1.3.3.x if you get into that).

If you find you end up being "stuck with" 1.3.5.. then, as long as it is
kept up to date, then it hsould be generally ok. People have been
reporting they have used it for hours on end now with no stability
issues (however there probably are some in there somewhere :) )


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