[scribus] attn: developers [OT]

Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen.gaeremyn at pandora.be
Sat May 23 07:09:44 CEST 2009

dwain wrote:
> nitro pdf 6 is in beta at the moment.  scribus pdf forms crash the
> program.  i am a beta tester and have submitted a bug to them along with the
> scribus generated pdf and the sla file.  maybe you might be interested in
> becoming a beta tester also and work with the nitro beta team to try and
> correct the crash problem for scribus generated pdfs.
> cheers,
> dwain
Hi Dwain,

If the bug report has been filed, I assume that the bug will get its 
place somewhere in the bug-list-hierarchy... and when/if the report 
reaches top of the stack, it will be addressed.

I'd like to turn your suggestion around: apparently it's also in your 
corporate interest that as many programs as possible work well with 
Nitro PDF 6.

In many open source projects, input from professional programmers into 
the source code has added great value to the output. Maybe you could 
invite (a part of) your programming crew to join the Scribus team. That 
way they can address the issues related to conjunction ... and also 
contribute to the Scribus project.

This will result in...
...your programmers gaining insight in (apparently, since it crashed 
Nitro,) a different PDF-approach, generating a more robust Nitro code.
... the Scribus code working more stable - more bugs getting fixed
... the open source mindset entering your company engineers.
... possibly the added satisfaction of helping developing a widely used 
program (to be a little blunt: wider spread than Nitro PDF, I dare assume)

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