[scribus] convert to pdf or png from command line

Gabriele Francescotto gabriele.francescotto at opencontent.it
Wed May 20 17:55:44 CEST 2009

I'm building a digital asset management solution for magazines, basically
using eZ publish as content management framework; the solution should be
only base on free software, so I'm projecting an eZ publish's extension for
Scribus, that could be very useful to have a preview of the page and to have
a draft of the pages that could be managed by the designers.

The whole solution should be web-oriented, so it could be very useful if
Scribus could be used on a Linux server from command line, at least to
create pdf or png/jpg images. I've looked for this kind of feature but I
didn't find it.
Anybody has a similar need or can suggest me a feasible solution?


OpenContent    [free software solutions]
via Verdi 19, Trento - www.opencontent.it
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