[scribus] Possible to install after installing 1.3.5svn?

Wayne shakacat at ukulele.com
Wed May 20 00:35:13 CEST 2009

I recently installed Mandriva Spring 2009 and found 
that the only version available in the repository was 
1.3.5svn. So, I installed that thinking that if I don't 
like it, I can always find somewhere and 
install that. Well, since is the stable 
version, and I'm using Scribus for business, I decided 
to uninstall 1.3.5svn. I found in the Mandriva 
2008 repository and tried to install it. However, one 
of its dependencies is libpython2.5 and when I install 
that, Scribus no longer shows any text in any 
of the menu bars.

When I try to remove libpython2.6 (there when I 
installed 1.3.5svn), it threatens to remove a a long 
list of other (KDE4 and others, many of which I use and 
need) programs along with it.

My question is: Can I install AFTER  having 
installed 1.3.5svn? If so, how?
Do I have to uninstall libpython2.6 first?


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