[scribus] EAN-5 Price code for non-English speaking countries.

Dick Verheul dickverheul at linuxmail.org
Thu May 14 17:31:49 CEST 2009

 Hallo John,

I have never seen this price-code on a dutch book.

Greetings from The Netherlands,

Dick Verheul

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  Still working on my /Scribus cover design e-book.

  In English-speaking countries a 5 digit price code add-on to the
  ISBN bar code is semi-obligatory. In the USA the major bookstore
  chain Barnes and Noble requires it. This five digit number begins
  with a single digit currency indicator, e.g. 5 for USD and 6 for the
  British Pound etc.

  What about non-English speaking countries? Do they use the price code
  extension at all? If so, what are the currency indicators for the
  Euro, the Japanese Yen and so on?

  John Culleton
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