[scribus] Right-justify doesn't

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Fri May 8 02:35:40 CEST 2009

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> On Fri, 8 May 2009 09:43:10 +1000 (EST)
> "Owen" <rcook at pcug.org.au> dijo:
>>> Scribus 1.3.5 Beta April 19 on Ubuntu Jaunty x86_64
>>> I have a workbook that I am laying out in side by side pages. The page
>>> numbers are on the outside upper corner of the page. The page numbers
>>> are in a one-line text frame on the left and right master pages. The
>>> frame for the left page is normal left justified. For the frame on the
>>> right side master page the text is right justified in Story Editor.
>>> This ought to work perfectly, and it almost does. The frame on the
>>> left
>>> master page is fine. The page number on the right master page is not
>>> quite all the way to the right edge of the frame. It is as though
>>> there
>>> is a space between the page number (# marker) and the end of the line.
>>> But there is no space. And the frames are not set to have an inside
>>> offset.
>>> The frames are 400 points wide, so I tried setting a right tabulator
>>> at
>>> 399 points instead of right justifying the text in the right side
>>> frame. This was even worse, as the page number not only did not go any
>>> closer to the right edge of the frame, but it also jumped up about
>>> three points above the baseline. Weird.
>>> I can't find any mention of this in the bug tracker. That doesn't mean
>>> it's not a bug - it may mean that it has never been reported or that I
>>> am too stupid to find it.
>>> Any suggestions?
>> Perhaps the space is that reserved for the number?
> Good idea. I assume you mean that page 1 would have a space after it if
> there are pages in the document greater than 9. 
> But after thinking for a minute I became aware that this could not be
> the source of the problem. The document has 80 pages, and the space
> appears after the "79" on page 79, as well as after the page number on
> all other right side pages.
> I did discover additional facts that lead me to believe it is a bug. 
> Setting a right tab at the right margin simply does not work because it
> makes the number jump up above the baseline. But I can get it to appear
> perfectly correctly in Master Pages view, either by right justifying
> the frame or by right justifying the text in Story Editor. 
> However, I notice that in Story Editor there is a blinking cursor below
> the page number # character, although Story Editor does not actually
> think it is a line because there is no style place on the left side. If
> I backspace from in front of the cursor the cursor then jumps up to the
> line above. So it looks like Scribus thinks there is a space there. If
> I update the frame and exit Story Editor the page number appears at the
> right edge of the frame in Master Pages view. But if I reopen Story
> Editor the cursor is back on the phantom line below the number #
> character.
> Furthermore, even though I can get the frame to appear perfectly
> correct in Master Pages view, when I look at a right side page in
> normal view the space is still there.
> I think there was a major rewrite of the page numbering feature for
> 1.3.5, which is another reason to suspect a bug. 
> I just filed a bug report on it: 
> http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=8018
This is the way that page numbering works (for good or bad). If you set 
up all the pages to have 3 digits, for example, single digit page 
numbers use the leftmost place, and the others will be spaces when there 
are no digits.
The workaround for this is to use one Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P for single digit 
pages, 2 for 2-digit pages, 3 for 3-digit, and so on, and actually only 
on pages where you are right-justifying the number.


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