[scribus] Upgrade to Open SuSE 11.1

Martin Langeland dumluks at dumluks.com
Tue Mar 31 19:45:37 CEST 2009

Hi All!
This is a curious experience I've resolved. Thought others might be helped.
Dactyl is: AMD Sempron, 2 Gb Ram, SuSE 11.1 for 64bit, Scribus
Build ID C-C-T-F-C 64bit, Ghostview 8.62

Previously Dactyl ran as a dual boot SuSE 11.0/XP pro.
Upgrade to 11.1 went smoothly with two exceptions. Real Player 11 Gold
didn't work, 10.0.9 is fine.
Scribus wouldn't upgrade with the SuSE RPM on the upgrade dvd.
Error msg: "Requires python-imaging.
Search can't find it on the disk.
Online search of Open SuSE Software found it.
Python-imaging won't install because it requires Python-tk.\Python-tk is
on the disk.
With that installed, I could install python-imaging and then Scribus.
Just an annoying niggle. but I hope it may save someone else a bit of

Dum Luk's
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brawn, beauty, charm or brains
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