[scribus] Vertical alignment in a text box.

Roger hovergo at net-tech.com.au
Mon Mar 30 00:54:32 CEST 2009

Is there a  vertical alignment feature in Scribus version for text frames?
 > Text is normally aligned to the top of the text frame but it would nice to
 > be able to center text vertically or align text to the bottom of the frame
 > by clicking a button or selecting from dropdown. So is there anything like
 > that and I can't see it?

I'm coming in late here but on reflection I can't see any reason for vertical 
displacement within a text frame.
Text frames can be placed accurately via F2 - Text  dialog or using Arrow and 
Shit-ft Arrow or can be snapped to grid lines.

One problem Scribus has is that with a one line or one word or one letter of 
text in a text box, the default vertical spacing is 15 points. This can be set 
to 1 pt in F2 - text  but does not allow you to set the bottom of the text box 
to the bottom of the text or the text it'self disappears.

A text box is merely a container which can be invisible if needed. Positioning 
text is important not the text box. For instance, you can have really huge text 
boxes containing one letter and still position text characters very accurately.

My suggestion would be to place the text that you need to vertically align in a 
separate text box and align that as needed.
A DTP system, as different from a word processor, Scribus encourages the use of 
text boxes to separate small portions of text according to the page design needs 
and in doing so provides unlimited choice in text box / text placement. Arrow 
keys  and Shift-Arrow keys are your friends.
Please excuse me if Ive got your requirement wrong

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