[scribus] list all fonts in a document?

Ryan W ryandw at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 20:15:06 CEST 2009

I'm using 1.3.5svn.  Is there a way to convert all "No style" elements to a
particular style?  In an existing document, that is.  Really, I don't think
there should be any such concept as "No style" in Scribus, partly because
that's logically impossible.  Typefaces *always* have a style.  At some
point in the history of my document, I changed a lot of things to "No Style"
because it seemed like the closest thing to setting a default style.  But I
misunderstood what I was doing and now want to eliminate all "No Style"
elements.  So I can be sure there are no unwanted font faces/sizes lurking

Also, the styles listed on the left in the editor... are those line styles?
Putting my cursor on a line and changing the paragraph style (using the
pulldown menu up top) does not affect which style is listed on the left, so
I guess those must be line styles?

Really, I don't think it should be possible to set a font for a particular
Paragraph Style.  Paragraphs don't have fonts.  Neither do lines.  Only
characters have fonts.  So fonts should be set in the Character Styles, and
Character Styles can be assigned as a property of Paragraph Styles.  It's a
subtle distinction I guess but one that matters.  There should probably be
no "Character Style" tab at all for the Paragraph Styles in the Style
Manager.  Instead it's just a dropdown menu somewhere in the properties tab.

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