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Anoop Thomas Mathew atmb4u at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 19:54:27 CET 2009


This project aims Implementing complete ODT/SXW files import and export
(i.e. enable the import of ODT files as files, not just as formatted
text). This is achieved by using a plug-in to import ODT files, stand alone
from the Scribus' stub.


ODT is a univeral open source format which is very popular making essential
to be imported into the Scribus. Scribus makes desktop publishing with free
and open software possible and, I found it necessary to import ODT files as
it is into the workspace, for making it work better. I found first phase of
this project has been executed last GSoC, i.e. GSoC 2008, which motivates me
to complete that ODT importing part.


              Complete ODT import and export plug-in for Scribus

Document the plug-in correctly and neatly.


The major challenges that will be faced during the implementation of this
project are

-Reading out ODT files

-Open an ODT in the workspace by converting it to a master document

More discussion with the community is needed to decide upon the above said


Following is the detailed road map of implementing the project.

 Phase I – Gather it up

April 28-May 08 – Understand the XML formatting of ODT files. Read out the
documentation of Scribus completely especially more about how to program
Scribus. Communicate with mentors and clear basic doubts about the project.

Phase II –Rip him off

May 08-May 17 –Design the structure of the plug-in and discuss in the irc
about the structure.

Phase III – Code him out

May 18- May 27 –Open the ODT files independent from the Scribus+ Add ODT
file import option in Scribus

May 28 – Testing

May 29- June 27 –Link both plug-in and Scribus and debug

June 28- August 1 – Complete the coding and sync the entire project.

Phase IV – Pack Up

August 1-August 17 – Complete the documentation and completely comment up
the code(Clean Coding).

Note: Timeline doesn’t include interaction with the mentor every day.


The expected outcomes of this project are as follows

                   -The ODT files can be imported as files itself using a
plug-in not as texts as at present.

                   -Clean Documentation for the above plug-in.


Name: Anoop Thomas Mathew

IRC Nick: bublisher

Email ID: atmb4u at gmail.com

Location: Kerala, India

Timezone : GMT + 5:30

I am Anoop Thomas Mathew, and am currently studying for B. Tech degree in
Computer Science and Engineering, at College of Engineering, Chengannur,
Kerala, INDIA.

I have been using Gnu/Linux for the past 5 years, starting off with RHEL 4
through ubuntu.

                      I have good knowledge in C,C++, and Python, and I've
been into coding them for past 5 years.

I am a member of FSF for last 3 years and had been fixing a few bugs in Vim
text editor. I am in the Vim development mailing list for more than one
year. I scribus, I don’t have any previous experience, but I expect to work
with scribus through GSoC 2009.
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