[scribus] PageSets in a sla file

Tom Lechner lechner at aceweb.com
Sat Mar 28 19:19:18 CET 2009


I'm trying to write a Scribus importer for my program Laidout, and I'm 
trying to figure out how Scribus PageSets operate, and what determines 
the actual layout of pages in the scratch space. Is there fuller 
documentation for formats other than 1.2?

In the sla (1.3.5, anyway), there's a PageSets section, which defines 
various arrangements of pages touching each other horizontally, as a 
number of columns, with no reference to page dimensions. How is it 
recorded in the file which PageSet to use? I can change the dimensions 
of pages in the file, but changes in position seem to be ignored. How 
is it recorded in the file which PageSet to use? 

Each page seems to be recorded with absolute page boundaries on the 
scratch space. I assume the actual dimensions of each contiguous spread 
is determined by the actual page dimensions, and this is allowed to 
change based on the size of a page and its orientation. Also, I'd guess 
that Document::GapVertical and GapHorizontal refer to gaps at the sides 
of the scratch space? PageObjects also have absolute coordinates in the 
scratch space, and may or may not have "OwnPage" which 
is kind of a hint for what page it is supposed to roll with? When 
objects bleed, it becomes a gray area.

Any hints?


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