[scribus] stable sort of (was "No mails...)

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Mon Mar 23 13:22:34 CET 2009

Ermin de Winkel wrote:
> Scribus also has problems with very large documents and I 
> suspect this is a function of the basic design. The Scribus 
> Manual was broken into segments and developed that way or 
> so I am told. But I am happy to use Scribus for those 
> applications where it blows the competition away such as 
> book covers.

About Scribus having a problem with large documents? Perhaps, I'm not aware
of this. I just finished a project consisting of about 420 pages A5 and a
lot of pictures on 300 dpi. MS Word could not handle it so I switched to
Scribus. The only annoying is the speed. To save takes so much time that I
can have coffee in between. But that is not because of Scribus but on
account of my 3 year old XP desktop. Might need a new one.
Ermin de Winkel

There may be an answer forthcoming on this. Someone wrote a patch for 1.3.5svn that is said to dramatically improve file-writing speed. If it checks out, this will be a *big* improvement, and maybe  you  won't need to blame your computer.


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