[scribus] scribus Digest, Vol 12, Issue 35

Phil Ward skeggy78 at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 21 08:56:44 CET 2009

Hi Owen/group,

I downloaded multiple files, but the only one i have kept was the  
calendar 2009 template. (i can go through my history if required).

The files were from scribus stuff, i think in total i downloaded  
maybe 6 or 7, i cant remember specific ones, but they all loaded  
correctly to the best of my knowledge (from the screen preview).

just to re-iterate, i click open, locate the files, downgraded the  
version selector to> (yes it says seven not 12) and  
select file (compressed or non) and the box closes, and it just goes  
back to the scribus working area.

All the files worked ok when dragged into scribus, with instant  
loading/options appearing, and the open recent menu also managed to  
re-load the files as per normal. When dragged into, it came up with  
the normal select font, and this file will not open in a previous  
version of scribus (which i expected as reading emails etc) if saved  
etc. I tried loading the compressed GZ file (i didnt know scribus  
could do that untill looking in the open file box), and the raw  
uncompressd file etc..

but i was more concerned about the fact that it couldnt even open a  
file that it created its self? again i did the normal open, but not  
alter the version etc. I have never actually saved any work, and gone  
to re-load since trying the SVN, as so far ive not found a project  
that i was able to give to scribus soley (with my working knowledge  
etc), but the calendar would have been the first for a local group  
who want a simple calendar etc...

if somone wants to try and download the 'A4 open source calendar for  
2009' from www.scribusstuff.org, it can be found on the home page at  
the moment (im assuming due to ranking).

After emailing, i check for latest SVN from sourceforge, and got the  
one that was 2 days after my current version, but again no loading up  
would work correctly, or should i say normally.

Anything else, please ask :)


On 21 Mar 2009, at 00:47, Owen wrote:

>> Hi group
>> OSX Tiger PPC 10.4.11, 1.3.5 SVN 9th march, GS 8.57
>> i know im going to sound daft here, but i downloaded some of the
>> artwork/templates from the link below and tried to open it via the
>> file>open on the normal toolbar (like i would any other program) and
>> it didnt seem to open the file? even changed the version format,
>> etc...
>> so i just created a blank page, clicked a text box, and then wrote a
>> word or 2, and saved it? again no dice on trying to load.
>> Drop & Drag from finder window into the scribus grey area on and it
>> loaded as it should? (apart from clicking open etc), even double
>> clicking the file, which again normally in my experiece would open
>> the program and then the file, only give opens scribus and then gives
>> you the options box for a new file?
>> Am i doing something wrong?
> You don't give too many clues.
> What did you download, what was the file name. (let someone else try)
> What link did it come from (there are dozens or more there)
> Was it a compressed file and did you uncompress it?
> Owen
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