[scribus] OT: Interesting Camera/Mega-Pixel Article

Jeffrey Silverman jeffrey.d.silverman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 18:44:33 CET 2009

> We're certainly getting there, and for most people, we're there
> already. Kodachrome 64 film could record about the same detail as a

I have an old 35mm SLR and some other "antique" cameras (Graflex TLR
and some other crap (not the Graflex, the other stuff, is "crap"))

Anyway, I really want an entry-level DSLR. Nikon D40, Canon XSi (or
whatever its called), Olympus e420.

I went to my local camera shop and talked with them for a bit, had
them assess my old stuff for trade in. I learned:

1) a 25yo decent quality *film* SLR is only worth 25-50 bucks, and the
other stuff all told only came to $110 trade in. (a bunch of old
lenses, four old cameras, and a telescope)
2) They do not even sell new film cameras anymore. (not strictly true,
but they only carry two models, and one is an all-manual "student"
3) You can't even get a "drop-and-shoot" 35mm film  camera anymore
(also not strictly true, but this store -- and most others, I imagine
-- only carry digital "point-and-shoot" equivalents)

A quick googling shows that anywhere from 15-55megapixel, depending on
how one makes the determination, is as high a resolution as film. And
that the typical 6Mp camera is basically as good as film for typical
uses -- e.g. blow ups up to 8x10 inches. (Really, you can blow up a
6Mp image to in the range of 14x17 and still get decent looking

I always tell people that it isn't the number of pixels, it is the
optics and processing that are more important.

anyway, there it is. it is what it is, whatever tf that means

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