[scribus] OT: Interesting Camera/Mega-Pixel Article

Henry Hartley henryhartley at westat.com
Wed Mar 11 16:12:40 CET 2009

John Beardmore wrote:
>> I'm looking forward to a point though where the cameras are still
>> the same sort of size, but the resolution is much better than 35mm
>> ever was. Fingers crossed, though subjectively I think we may be
>> getting there. I get the impression that my current 10 megapixel
>> camera has better resolution than 35mm film, certainly at 400 ASA.
>> In some modes (which are admittedly lower resolution), it has much
>> better light sensitivity than 400 ASA too. It's all getting quite
>> impressive, though the user interfaces could do with being less
>> extrovert and more informative I guess.

We're certainly getting there, and for most people, we're there
already. Kodachrome 64 film could record about the same detail as a
24MP camera, more or less. KR25 might rival a 30 or 33MP camera.
Nikon's D3X camera produces images of 24.5MP on a sensor very close
to the same size as a frame of 35mm film. Canon has two cameras that
produce 21.1MP images (and one of those costs less than $3k). That's
the high end, of course but then again, getting images that sharp on
film required a tripod and expensive glass. In practice, with hand-
held images, I doubt most film pictures are really much better than
a 15-18MP image (if that).


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