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Steven Dayton daytonmeister at gmail.com
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Paragraph style are just that. They apply to the whole paragraph. In order
to apply a style to a single line or any number of selected characters or
words is with a character style. Unfortunately versions or
only have paragraph styles. I have been trying out version 1.3.5svn and that
version does have character styles in addition to paragraph styles. It shows

That means I could have a Body paragraph style that is made up of Arial 12
point with 14 point leading and left aligned. I could have a character style
that is Arial bold and All Caps. With the Body style applied to a paragraph
I could select the first few words of the first sentence and apply the Arial
Bold All Caps character style quickly to the selected words.

So what everyone else has said about selecting the part of the text you want
to change and in the properties palette or the Story Editor add local
styling to selected text in the stable version.

I look forward to having characters styles in a future stable version.

Steven Dayton

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It seems impossible to use more than one text style on any one line in 
one text box. So to print one line containing different styles, say the 
first word in small print and the next words in larger print or 
different font, I would need to use two, or more, text boxes to form the 
one line. Is this correct? I have Ver.
Michael Harvey
Victoria, BC

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