[scribus] text styles

Benedykt "Silmethule" Jaworski b.jaworski at kofeina.net
Sat Mar 7 19:45:31 CET 2009

Michael Harvey pisze:
> It seems impossible to use more than one text style on any one line in 
> one text box. So to print one line containing different styles, say 
> the first word in small print and the next words in larger print or 
> different font, I would need to use two, or more, text boxes to form 
> the one line. Is this correct? I have Ver.
Well, as far as I know (can't check at the moment) you can't define 
other styles in one line in text frame, BUT you can change the font, 
size, etc., of any character in text frame - you need to right-click the 
frame, chose "proporties", go to text. Then double click your text 
frame, select some text and in proporties window there you can change 
settings of just the selected part of your text.

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