[scribus] When is a new release for Windows coming out?

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Fri Mar 6 18:43:46 CET 2009

jwminer at accessvt.com wrote:
> I know it's possible, but as it stands now it certainly appears to
> break the EULA. I don't believe we should be encouraging or enabling
> that.
EULAs are comparable to blackmail. You buy something, then you either 
can't use it, try to get your money back, or simply click "I Agree" like 
everyone does. For all we know the EULA says that you need to send Steve 
Jobs $1000 every year. No one's ever read it.

Since we only have users with some degree of intelligence, we can safely 
allow everyone to make their own decision on this matter -- we're just 
trying to empower our users.


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