[scribus] When is a new release for Windows coming out?

jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer at accessvt.com
Fri Mar 6 18:02:32 CET 2009

Craig wrote:
>> You can dual boot Windows and Linux on a Wintel machine. You can't
>> boot Mac OS on anything but an Apple computer.
> Untrue, but you might be breaking Apple's EULA (if EULA's are really
> legal, I don't think anyone has decided), and the hardware spec
> needs
> to be very close to the original.

I know it's possible, but as it stands now it certainly appears to
break the EULA. I don't believe we should be encouraging or enabling

>> Under Linux you can run VirtualPC and VMware, possibly a couple of
>> others that are obscure. I think there was talk of Parallels for
> VirtualBox too...

Thank you for picking that up! I meant VirtualBox, NOT VirtualPC,
which won't even run under Linux. I don't know where my brain had
wandered when I wrote that, as I had VirtualBox in mind.

VirtualBox, VirtualBox, VirtualBox....
--Judy Miner

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