[scribus] When is a new release for Windows coming out?

jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer at accessvt.com
Thu Mar 5 22:34:18 CET 2009

Steven wrote:
> Hey some of this stuff is going over my head. I use a Mac Intel
> machine at
> work and have several Windows XP virtual machine I use with VMWare.
> My home
> machine however is a different animal. It is a Dell machine running
> Vista.
> There have been some comments here about running virtual machines
> with no
> mention on which operating system. The only one I know that can run
> different OSs is a Mac. Can I do the same on a Window machine and
> just boot
> up one or the other? This is new stuff to me so I'm in discovery
> mode.

You can dual boot Windows and Linux on a Wintel machine. You can't
boot Mac OS on anything but an Apple computer.

A virtual machine isn't dual booting, as you know. On a Windows
computer if you want to run Linux in a virtual machine, you can use
VMware in its various permutations, VirtualBox, and Parallels (I
think--it did have a Windows version but I don't know if development
has continued). You may be able to get a Linux OS into Microsoft's
free Virtual PC, but it doesn't work well. Better to use Virtual Box
or VMware.

Under Linux you can run VirtualPC and VMware, possibly a couple of
others that are obscure. I think there was talk of Parallels for
Linux but I don't know if that ever got off the ground. QEMU used to
be an option under Linux, but I don't know if development is still
continuing. I used to run Win 98SE under QEMU on Linux but newer
kernels created problems. I don't currently have any virtual
machines under Linux.
--Judy Miner

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