[scribus] When is a new release for Windows coming out?

jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer at accessvt.com
Thu Mar 5 22:24:39 CET 2009

Phil wrote:
> I think coreldraw 11 works well with wine, because its the last
> major
> revision to work in windows 98? please somone corrent me if im
> wrong,
> but i have tried to do extensive research on the subject. From what
> i
> remember, lots of programs that require XP/2k or IE7, have problems
> etc..

NOTHING works well with Wine solely because it worked under Win 98
or earlier. With Wine, everything is a crap shoot. An old Win 3.1
program might work fine; another old Win 3.1 program won't work at
all. And so on up the line. I don't think I've ever tried a Windows
program under Wine that *required* W2K or later and I've certainly
never tried IE7 under Wine. But being designed for an earlier
version of Windows is no guarantee whatever that something will work
with Wine. The only way to find out is to install it and see what

You can do a certain amount of tweaking with winecfg, including
designating what version of Windows Wine should look like to the
app. Sometimes this helps, often it doesn't. It is also possible to
do extensive troubleshooting with programs that won't work in hopes
you may find the "magic switch" that will get them working. But that
exceeds my allotment of geekiness, so I haven't tried it.

I have a very few Windows programs I want readily available in Linux
without bothering with a virtual machine. Most have run under Wine.
A couple have refused to install, or have installed but not worked.
With me it's either they run or they don't and if they don't, I just
give up. Maybe someday I'll have time to kill and can try to
troubleshoot, but for now, that's not in the cards.

So the question becomes: is anyone running CorelDraw 11 successfully
under Wine? On this list? Or listed on the winehq.org site as

The last version of CorelDraw I have is CD9. It runs okay under XP;
I haven't tried it under Vista. I didn't try to install it under
Wine. My goal in using Linux is to use Linux programs, not try to
run Windows programs under Linux.

I agree that having hundreds or thousands of CDR files is a problem
in making the switch. I usually boot to Windows, run CorelDraw, load
the files I need, and save them as EPS. Then I boot to Linux and
have to hope that the EPS opens correctly in Scribus (or Inkscape).
Some do not. If that happens, I try OOo Draw, which sometimes works
when others don't. I might be able to do these things with command
line tools, but I have a lot more trouble with them and waste lots
of time trying to figure out what modifiers, parameters, etc., etc.
I need and I usually can't figure it out anyway.
--Judy Miner

Registered Linux User #397786

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