[scribus] resizing a frame and rescaling contents - Windows

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Mar 5 22:22:13 CET 2009

Here is what I am finding with the mid-February snapshot, on 
a WinXP machine:

When grabbing the handles at the middle of the frame edges (ie, not the 
corners), Alt alone, Shift+Alt, Ctrl+Alt all behave the same. The frame 
resizes and the contents are rescaled in the direction you move the handle.

When grabbing a corner handle, Alt will allow enlargement/shrinking 
without constraint (ie, this can be non-proportional).
With both Ctrl+Alt and Shift+Alt, enlargement/shrinking of frame and 
contents only occurs in a proportional way.

I will next check to see what happens in 1.3.5svn.


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